Aadhar may soon become mandatory for buying shares and mutual funds. The government and the Securities and Exchange Board of India  are planning to link Aadhaar to financial market transactions to try and curb sharp practices.

Two people familiar with the development said the government has realised that the permanent account number  may not be enough to plug tax leaks. Top Sebi officials have informally sounded out select market intermediaries about the possibility of linking Aadhaar to financial market transactions, a top official with a financial services firm familiar with the development said.


“We have been told that making Aadhaar compulsory is in the offing,” the official said. The timing of the move is still unclear. It is also not clear whether Aadhaar will replace PAN as the sole identification number for financial market transactions.

The government recently mandated that Aadhaar, launched in 2009 by the UPA government, be linked to PAN, bank accounts and mobile phone numbers. The deadline for existing bank account holders to provide their Aadhaar details is December 31.

The unique ID can be used for conducting the mandatory knowyour-client (KYC) check for mutual fund transactions online. In online KYC — known as e-KYC — done with Aadhaar, MF investors do not need to go to fund houses to submit their forms and get their signatures identified in person.

Some stock brokers have been asking the regulator .. Some stock brokers have been asking the regulator to get the government to extend e-KYC to their industry. Brokers said mandatory Aadhaar could play a key role in weeding out some of the ills of the stock market. “Linking financial market transactions to Aadhaar will be an important step to make India a corruption-free country,” said Nirmal Jain, chairman, IIFL Group.

Market participants said that PAN, though unique for every individual for income-tax assessment, has not been succes ..