Edelweiss announces the launch of Guided Portfolios (Edelweiss GPS) – a revolutionary way of investing for financial goals

Features of Guided Portfolios:

·         Guide investors to achieve financial goals using algorithm driven systematic investment approach

·         Proprietary algorithm for asset allocation depending on investor risk profile

·         Fund selection based on internal scoring mechanism

·         Periodic monitoring and rebalancing on investor portfolios

·         Paperless mutual fund account opening process

·         Intuitive platform design


 Edelweiss Financial Services, one of India’s leading diversified financial services groups, today announced the launch of Edelweiss Guided Portfolios (Edelweiss GPS) for investors. Edelweiss GPS is an algorithm based intelligent system which designs mutual fund portfolios for investors and guides them towards their financial goals through systematic investments. Edelweiss GPS is hosted on the new avatar of Edelweiss’s flagship website, www.edelweiss.inwhose intuitive design attempts to simplify investment experience for new as well as experienced investors.

How does GPS work?

Edelweiss GPS is powered by the internally developed proprietary asset allocation and mutual fund selection algorithm. Based on the financial goal and risk profile of an investor, the artificial intelligence driven system selects the best performing mutual funds for the investor as per the suggested asset allocation and the internally assigned score of the selected mutual funds. The systemselects mutual funds for an investor’s portfolio from a pool of best performing funds which are shortlisted from the universe of over 2000 funds based onan internal mutual fund scoring mechanism. It also periodically updates the pool basis the performance of the funds.In order to keep the investment process transparent and to allow investors to make informed decisions, the platform also highlights the key reasons behind adding the selected funds in the investor’s portfolio.

Entry Strategy – At the outset, Edelweiss GPS draws an entry strategy for the investor based on his risk appetite. GPS guides investors towards their financial goals by using mutual fund Systematic Investment Plans (MF SIPs). 

Portfolio Rebalancing – Edelweiss GPS also comprises dynamic rebalancing algorithms which keep track of changing market conditions as well as performance of the selected mutual funds. The objective behind the rebalancing strategy is to help the investors keep the best performing funds in their portfolios rather than keep making systematic investments in laggard funds.

Speaking on the launch of the new Intuitive and Simple Platform, Mr. Nitin Jain, CEO, Global Asset & Wealth Management said, “The new avatar of www.edelweiss.inis designed to make investment appear simple and intuitive to everyone; even, a first time investor can navigate through the platform with ease and build his portfolio. The platform has different sections catering to various investor sets, be it experienced investors or the new ones. Self-guided investors will find the Self Investing section much easier to use while those who look for expert guidance can instantly start building their portfolios in the Edelweiss GPS section. Also, there has been an increased focus on financial content in the Insights section which will help investors gain deeper understanding of finance and financial markets, macroeconomics and investments. Content on the platform will appeal to a wide audience, ranging from those who are looking for research report or those seeking macro updates or even those looking for personal finance views.”

Speaking at the launch,Mr. Rahul Jain, Head – Personal Wealth Advisory said, “Edelweiss Guided Portfolios is a digitised manifestation of systematic and time tested approach to portfolio building. We have bundled the best practices followed by mutual fund advisors to build this  system. Akey vision of Edelweiss has been to democratize the participation in financial markets and this initiative is a giant stride towards that vision. Our primary focus has been to keep this platform simple to understand and convenient to use so that anyone with any level of financial market expertise can transact on it. If you look at the platform characteristics in totality, an investor can build his portfolio sitting in front of his desktopor mobile; open his account in a paperless manner and start investing.”

How to invest in Guided Portfolios?

Digital account opening – Edelweiss Brokinghas taken a significant step towards completely digitising the investing experience for its existing clients as well as prospective investors. For the first time, Edelweiss has launched an Aadharbased paperless process for mutual fund account opening for new clients. The account opening process uses Aadhaar based e-KYC for non KRA verified participant. This process has been developed to allow prospective investors to participate in the mutual funds ecosystem in a seamless and hassle-free manner. The knowledge-based content on the website is displayed in a simple and effective manner. Brief, crisp summaries of the research reports are displayed, the usual ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ recommendations are interspersed with sectoral macro and micro level information and many more features