Voiceback Technologies, Bangalore based data analytics firm released data on one of the largest poll conducted on demonetisation of INR 500 and INR 1000 Rupee currency notes and showed near consistent and a massive support for Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi from across the nation.

The survey was conducted through a SMS link by Voiceback Technologies on 15th November 2016. Using a proprietary technology & Market Research expertise, a simple 5 question survey was created and uploaded in English language. Subsequently, vernacular language versions were also added to ensure complete representation of the country. The survey was launched almost a week after the demonetisation announcement thereby ensuring that the results take into cognizance of the troubles being faced due to cash shortage.

The survey went viral and was spread across the nation to register a 2,00,000 + respondents by Tuesday, November 22nd. This is the largest independent poll conducted by a technology start up to assess the mood of the nation on demonetization issue. The survey shows that most people support the move to ban old Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes, despite the hardships associated with the move. Most also support the demonetisation move will reduce black money from the Indian economy.

On direct questions related to the Prime Miniter, Mr. Narendra Modi, 91% people also believe that PM Mr. Modi is honest and upright while 9% of those who responded to this poll did not believe this. However, in a different question, only 87% people claim that Modi has lived upto people’s expectations.

This clearly indicates that though the country largely believes in honesty and integrity of the Prime Minister, many still expect and want Mr. Modi to do more to address unfulfilled expectations.

Another interesting finding from this survey is that support from PM, Mr. Modi has been consistent though the 7 days that this survey has been on. An hour by hour analysis shown below clearly that people agreeing that PM Modi is honest and upright has not gone below 80% in any hour of any of these 7 days.

Google analytics on the host server indicated the vastness of the survey. While 86% of respondents are in India, balance 14% are from 117 countries. With 3200 respondents being from the USA, it is the second largest participant in this survey with 4% of the audience. This is followed by UAE 2% and UK 2% share of this poll.

Within India, the survey is representative and has reached over 200 cities. Largest response is from the metro locations of New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. 37% of the responses are from cities not in top 10 cities.  Small towns like Guntur, Sonepat, Hoshiarpur, Malda Burdwan, Dharward, Chitradurga etc have also participated in this largest independent poll on demonetization.

Demographically, most of the participants are in age bracket of 25 to 34 years which comprises 25% of participants. Interesting 14% of responses came from the youngest age group of upto 24 years indicating the interest of the younger audiences in national issues and also their comfort level with new technologies. Two thirds of the particpants were males while one third were females.









A representative from Voiceback Technologies confirmed, “The survey was able to penetrate 200,000+ respondents within 5 days of launch. This demonstrates the power of technology and its ability to reach masses and assess response LIVE. The same technology which was used for this survey can be used in multiple situations to reach out to people and include their inputs for policy formulations.”

This survey is still ongoing and since people are showing interest in expressing their opinion on the topic, VOICEBACK Technologies has decided to keep the poll going for another one week.

Link http://azinfotech.in/csat/surveys/voicebacktechnologies3.aspx


About Voiceback Technologies

Voiceback Technologies is a Bangalore Based Data Collection & Analytics Startup which uses cloud based technology to capture data from a large set of respondents. The completely integrated firm has its own inhouse data Analytics team to analyse the data and present the findings for business growth. The company works with leading names in Retail and Banking Industry to provide Customer Feedback which helps these companies to devise profitable product and service strategies. The company can be reached at feedback@voicebacktechnolgies.com